Important Notice to Members – Club Operations – COVID19

The committee members got together over the phone this evening to discuss the Club Activities in light of the latest developments regarding Covid19. Based on the most recent government advice and taking into account some of our experiences with the ways that businesses are responding, it has been decided that the responsible course of action […]

Club Night Demonstration – 19 February 2020

Decorative Spinning Tops – Gary Rundle – Gary Rundle presented to the club his method of creating decorative spinning tops using resin filled wood. Members were then given the opportunity to turn some of these tops, using blanks provided by Gary. 

Club Night Demonstration – 05 February 2020

Woodturning Videos – Dennis Capuano – Dennis Capuano presented to the club some interesting wood tuning videos demonstrating the need to safety while turning, along with a video demonstration on how to turn finials.

Club Night Demonstration – 06 November 2019

Wood Carving – Special Guest Shlomit Moria – Special guest Shlomit Moria demonstrated her method of completing wood carving using various tool and equipment. Shlomit Moria also brought in a few pieces of her work and explained the process she uses in order to complete these fine pieces of art.