EWT Annual General Meeting – 2021

Eastern Woodturners held their Annual General Meeting for 2021 where the annual reports were read and a new committee was elected for the current financial year. Please welcome the newly elected committee for the 2021/2022 financial year: President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Safety Officer General Committee Charlie Chamberlain Jack Airey Stephen Orr Isa Marks Chris…

Club Night Demonstration – 07 July 2021

“Hands-On” Penguins – Guy Hocking – Guy Hocking took members through his method of turning penguins out of multi-coloured timber. The evening ended with a “Hands-On” session for members to give it a try.

Club Night Demonstration – 19 May 2021

Undercutting Rims and Bowls – Ray Pruden – Ray Pruden demonstrated his method of undercutting rims and bowls to members and how to use various tools to complete this task. This was a very interesting demonstration using a unique set of tools to create some impressive bowls. 

Club Night Demonstration – 05 May 2021

Safety “Back to Basics” – Charlie Chamberlain – Charlie Chamberlain went through with the Club the Safety “Back to Basics” booklet. This provided all in attendance a great re-hash of the basic safety techniques required when turning.

Club Night Demonstration – 07 April 2021

Spiral Turning – Jack Airey – Jack Airey presented to the club his method of Spiral Turning using a new tool that he was given. Jack provided in-depth instruction on how to complete this style of turning. The result was quite interesting and everyone was very interested in this technique.

Club Night Demonstration – 17 March 2021

Pen Turning – Geoff Measures – Geoff Measures presented to the club his method of Pen Turning. Geoff provided in-depth instruction on how to complete this style of turning. With Geoff was special Guest Peter Lucas who explained to members the Pens for Troops campaign and how everyone could be apart of it.