Club Night Demonstration – 06 November 2019

Wood Carving – Special Guest Shlomit Moria – Special guest Shlomit Moria demonstrated her method of completing wood carving using various tool and equipment. Shlomit Moria also brought in a few pieces of her work and explained the process she uses in order to complete these fine pieces of art.

Club Night Demonstration – 16th October 2019

Christmas Turning / Woodwork Show and Tell – All Members – Members demonstrated their different Christmas Turning / Woodwork projects to the club. Various methods / techniques were used and explained throughout the night, along with some very interesting Christmas themed projects.

Blacksmiths Day 2019

Eastern Woodturners had a fantastic day demonstrating at the 2019 Blacksmith’s Day hosted by the Mont DeLancey Homestead. It was a great day for members to demonstrate their talents whilst also allowing members to sell their items to the public. With a large turnout in attendance it was a great day for the club.

Club Night Demonstration – 02 October 2019

Jewellery Turning – Stephen Tomlin (Apologies Guy Hocking) – Jewellery Turning was demonstrated by Stephen Tomlin (as Guy Hocking was unable to attend the meeting). Stephen outlined the specialised tools used along with the techniques required to make some fantastic jewellery.