Important Notice to Members – Club Operations – COVID19

The committee members got together over the phone this evening to discuss the Club Activities in light of the latest developments regarding Covid19.


Based on the most recent government advice and taking into account some of our experiences with the ways that businesses are responding, it has been decided that the responsible course of action is to temporarily cease Club activities. The main drivers for this is consideration of the health of club members and members of the public who might otherwise come to the club rooms if we were to continue to operate the rooms.


As a result of this the meetings scheduled for March 18th and 1st of April are going to be cancelled. After discussion with the members involved, the taster course scheduled for Saturday morning 14/03 will be going ahead, but this will be the last group activity at the rooms for the next 2-3 weeks at least.


In addition we will not be attending the Crank Up at Yarra Junction on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of March. With the banning of events of more than 500 people it is unlikely to go ahead anyway.


We will inform Mont De Lancey of our decision and let them know that we will not be opening the rooms for the scheduled School visits. Again it is likely that schools would be cancelling these trips anyway.


Casual club room use by members: We feel that at this point in time we can’t allow club members to open the rooms for turning sessions, even for small groups. This decision is due to our current lack of knowledge of the virus transmission and the methods required to adequately sanitise equipment or tools to protect other users.


Club members may however continue to borrow equipment from the club rooms. The key can be obtained from the Front Desk at MDL. Just put the appropriate note in the record books should you borrow anything. Should MDL also closed, members can contact a Committee member or key holder to organise to meet and open the rooms.


The committee will continue to keep in touch. We intend to reconvene in 2 weeks on Friday 27th of March to reconsider the situation.


Please feel free to contact any of us with concerns, comments or ideas.


Stay safe and healthy,


Guy Hocking – Vice President

On behalf of the Eastern Wood Turners Committee.

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